“Oh wait, that’s a wall? Crap.”

Ever said that during a game? If you play a lot of ZM games, and find it hard to keep track of those thin red outlines in the heat of battle, these tiles could be for you.

They offer many of the benefits of a ZM wall setup, in a more streamlined package. They really help you visualize the board and keep track of LOS. (This is especially true for newer players.) My group loves the ability to remove a key wall section to eliminate big dead ends during setup. Easy to transport, store, and setup / takedown, you’ll be surprised how often you reach for these things. And for $20, you won’t find a cheaper ready-to-play option.

Included in the set are:

  • 24 Column Tiles
  • 18 Long Wall Tiles
  • 25 Short Wall Tiles

This is enough to build just about every scenario in the standard missions.

You could also use these as bases for a DIY build- they’re already perfectly measured and interlocking. Build up your own walls with foam, wood, or pizza crusts. Sky’s the limit.

I love setting up a big 3D table. (I built a terrain company around the idea.) But for quick weeknight games, my group often grabs some ZM Flat Wall Tiles.

Promethium Forge

Games Workshop Zone Mortalis Tiles and plastic models are shown for size reference only, they are not included. No assembly required.