Upgrade your walkways. Add this awesome level of detail to bring your hive to the next level. The railings are built with 3 mm dowels, which are included.

This kit comes in two flavors - for $32.00 you get the actual walkways, as pictured. The other is an upgrade kit for $22.00 for those of you who already own a Promethium Forge Bulkhead Terrain Set. It includes just the railings, and the triangular truss pieces. This is enough railings to upgrade half the walkways on a Deluxe Kit, or all the walkways in a Mini Kit.

Even if you own a Deluxe, consider just upgrading half your walkways with this kit. The visual impact will still be great, and you'll maintain more flexibility by having some walkways without railings. This allows you to still join walkways at a "T" intersection.

The walkways will take up about 2-3 times as much space once they're upgraded, so you will sacrifice some packability.

Kits supplied unassembled and unpainted. No plastic models are included, those are for scale purposes only. The other terrain shown in the photos is not included either.