Nothing says ‘Munda like density, detail, and that lived-in feeling. This new kit offers you a fully customizable way to build some staggering underhive real estate. It’s packed with details to make the set come alive - lights, cables, window stuff, crates, barrels, doors, furniture, walkways, the list goes on. Glue the blocky buildings together in any way you wish, and even combine kits to get higher in the spire.

This one is a little more open ended than other PF sets, because you set the floor heights to whatever you want. So you can integrate with other 5” terrain, or get weird with it. Each building has one removable wall so you can model the inside, or even move miniatures around inside during a game. The whole set comes with plenty of furniture (tables, chairs, beds, a bunk bed, a storage locker, a sink, a bar, barstools, a wardrobe, computer terminals, and some other stuff I’m sure I’m forgetting) so you can make your underhive nice and homey.

We even include a new material with this set - corrugated roofing simulate! In fact, your order will come packaged in many many square inches of this wonderous material that you can use to create roofs, window and door awnings. The only limit is your imagination, and your patience in peeling the paper off one side of it. Give your industrial tabletop a bit of life with the Shanty Town kit from Promethium Forge. 

  • Wood/MDF 
  • Unpainted and Unassembled