Bring your 2D Necromunda setup into the 3rd dimension. You've paid good money and spent a lot of time painting your 2D wall setup, so why shouldn't you use it to build your 3D board as well? Your Promethium Forge Sector Magneticus walls were designed from the beginning to build upwards. They are already magnetized to work with this set of floors and ladders to create a full 3D game board. Everything is fully modular so each setup will be unique. And of course, all this stuff is compatible with all our other 5" terrain lines. The platforms are the same shapes as your Can Terrain kits, so all your connectors and walkways will work seamlessly. If you have other 5" terrain in grey plastic from other manufacturers, this terrain is designed to match height perfectly with that as well.

Note: This set only includes the floors and ladders - all wall sections are sold separately in the Promethium Forge Sector Magneticus Walls Set.

  • Unpainted and Unassembled
  • Wood (MDF)
  • Includes 13 magnets (6mm x 3mm) for each half-table.
  • Each Half-Table Makes:
    • 2 ladders-with-platforms
    • 6 short ladders
    • 4 long ladders
    • 1 long walkway with walls
    • 4 small platforms with walls
    • 2 medium platforms with walls
    • 1 large platform with walls
    • 4 narrow stairs
    • 2 wide stairs