Want an awesome, dynamic table top that packs down to less than a cubic foot? This laser cut MDF terrain set is what you've been searching for. Bulkheads slip fit onto the floors, then slot into each other vertically to build 3" tall levels. Connect everything with a spider web of walkways for a dense, intricate setup. When you're done, everything slips apart and packs away for easy storage. This set is a lot of terrain - almost 10 lbs worth. It'll densely cover a 3' x 3' table, or mostly cover a 4' x 4'.

You'll get the following:

  • 14 building floors
  • 48 bulkheads
  • 32 Railings
  • 2 Storage boxes, which double as terrain pieces
  • 4 long gantries
  • 8 medium gantries
  • 8 short gantries
  • 4 slant (stairway) gantries
  • 6 gantry hubs
  • 8 staircases
  • 16 ladders
  • 2 shorty connector gantries 

Initial assembly required, mostly gluing the bulkheads and stairs together. All terrain supplied unpainted. Miniatures not included, pictured for scale purposes only.