Make your Bulkheads double sided, with raised detail! This sheet of details is designed to fit with your Promethium Forge Bulkhead Terrain Kits. They are the exact dimensions of the flat detailing already cut onto your bulkheads. Everything is double up with its mirror image, so you can now have details on both sides of your bulkheads.

The details are cut from 1.5 mm chipboard. Included in one sheet is enough to do 6 bulkheads double sided.

Mini Bulkhead sets have 30 bulkheads, and Deluxe sets have 48 bulkheads, so you'd want 5 detail sheets or 8 detail sheets, respectively, to upgrade either of those kits.

Comes flat on a sheet, unassembled and unpainted. Other terrain not included. Use PVA glue or Super Glue to assemble.