PAIFANG_02 – Jutal district large traditional lodge


Born as a merging of fast-paced action, deep tradition and cutting-edge technology, Jutal raises proud as the most prominent megacity from the Zhì máng sector.

Are you looking for a corporate network to market your products in the sector? Do you have some alien artifacts to sell on the black market? Are you a stakeholder group agent seeking for a fruitful investment opportunity? Perhaps you may be interested in certain illegal labour to work in some mining activity beyond the regulated zone?

There is no business or service that Jutal couldn’t provide you. So make your credits ready, check your pulse weapon, or better do both… because everything could be in the city of the serpent.


It is common for newcomers to wonder about the nature of the strange huge gleaming pylons that could be found spread throughout every district.

As a hive of neon and holograms, an endless sea of tiny paifang lodges make up a milliard of urban labyrinths that shapes Jutal.    

Within its narrow, winding alleys, killers, corporate agents, politicians, traders, and anyone attracted (or trapped) by the city of the snake intertwine their destiny.

You may combine it with other accessories and buildings from our PAIFANG line to build an awesome Asian themed game board.  

  • Material: MDF 3mm
  • Measures: 17,5 x 17,5 x 10,2 cm
  • Quantity: 1 building
  • Miniatures and accessories not included. Unpainted and unassembled product.
  • You need glue to assemble the parts.
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