MODULAT_05 – Preassembled walkways for colonization


Who said that colonization wasn’t affordable! Thanks to our new MODULAT structures line, to settle in a new planet is now within everyone’s reach.

Goods, raw materials, technology, people… everything moves fast as the settlement expands. Under this circumstances, crossing the street could be a remarkable risk in certain colonies. We care about your safety, so, let the world move under your feet! With our mod walkways, crossing won’t be a risk anymore.

Check out our catalogue, we can cover every configuration.

We take care of everything. BUICKOM TECH makes it easy, striving to deliver the most reliable, efficient and affordable shipping and planetary deployment services across the Galaxy.

* Special discounts available for colony strategic planning societies and cooperatives.


BUICKOM TECH. The best technology at your fingertips.


Conquer the heights with our walkways, designed for our MODULAT line buildings and perfect for your 28-30mm scale wargames.

Combine it with other accessories and MODULAT line elements to build an awesome game board for your wargames.



  • Material: MDF 3mm
  • Measures: 14×18,5×9,7cm
  • Quantity: 2 walkways + 1 nexus

Miniatures and accessories not included. Unpainted and unassembled product. You need glue to assemble the parts.


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