An update to our most popular set - the one that started it all. Now at a 5" height to fit with all your other terrain, PF, plastic, or otherwise! Completely backwards compatible with any old bulkheads / floor sets you have. New artwork, because that’s cool too.

This fully modular terrain set creates an awesome 3D tabletop, then breaks down for compact storage. All the pieces are fully modular, and are sturdy without gluing everything together.

The floors are also shaped to be compatible with all your PF terrain - your Cans, Sector Magneticus, Pipelines, and whatever else I’m forgetting. All connectors, walkways, and stairs will hook right up.

In the standard package, you get:

  • 24 Bulkheads, in 6 different designs, with double sided 3D detail
  • 2 Large Square Floors, one with a hole in the middle
  • 1 Medium L -Shaped Floor
  • 3 Smaller Rectangular Floors
  • 1 Staircase
  • 4 Cage Ladders
  • 8 Angled Railings
  • 12 Single Railings
  • 4 Long Railings
  • 6 Triangular Floor Connectors